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Product Explanation
In-line 3D Solder Paste Inspection System
3D SPI equipment performs 3D inspection on defects in height, volume, area, shape, bridge and position of solder on PCB after screen printing in the SMT process, this applies the unique 3D measurement technique of our company called FAHP, which satisfies short line cycle time required by the PCB manufacturing process, accommodates for parts with micro pitch, resolves the problem of measurement error caused by substrate bending, and settles the problem of solder paste shadow and mirror reflection. This product, based on such innovative technology, provides an optimal solution for zero defect screen printer process based on faster inspection rate, higher defect detection rate, lower false defect rate and higher measurement precision than existing inspection systems.
Desktop 3D Solder Paste Inspection System
3D Master 3000 is designed to measure the shapes of 3D surfaces of objects that measure from few microns to a few millimeters, and is commonly used for measuring solder paste samples spread over PCBs automatically and 3-dimensionally, and testing their conformity. For SMT process management, this machine is being recognized as the most cost-effective equipment for setting up process conditions for screen printers. In addition, this equipment is used for measuring the thickness of small electronic components, the thickness of the pads and pattern on bare PCB. Automatic inspection and measurement is achieved using the automatic X-Y scan covering wide ranges.